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I know I haven’t been blogging on a regular occasion here for a while but I will be blogging more in 2016 ;-)…

This is a very special post for me as I have the privilege of introducing to you to The Sneakers Box : A Guide To Sneaker Culture. I have known about this book for a while and I am very happy to be part of the team that will be bringing you guys what is possibly the 1st book/guide of its kind.

The Sneakers Box : A Guide To Sneaker Culture is not just another book depicting Sneaker Culture in a unique way. This book is a guide, a tool, something that you can use every single day. This guide is an essential accessory to any Sneakerhead who Travels the world looking for that special sneaker spot, it comes with a complete guide to every relevant Sneaker shop boutique in the world but also has every current Sneaker show in the world too, this guide highlights customisers and all the other elements of the sneaker scene from on foot photography to Sneaker Art.

The Sneakers Box: A Guide To Sneaker Culture is a must have for every sneakerhead and fan of the culture of sneakers or even someone who just wants to know were the closest store is, in the place they are visiting.

Please check out the Reblog from @TheSneakersBox  well done guys this is a massive achievement. Kingdom make sure you say tuned for the exciting launch coming soon…


#Reblog via @TheSneakersBox Pictures & Words Via TheSneakersBox

TheSneakersBox: a guide to sneaker culture | Sample Not For Resale
After years in the making, it is finally ready. With true excitement, we bring to you our first book, a guide to sneaker culture.

Four years ago, TheSneakersBox was created with the intention of bringing news and local adventures lived by a group in Trento, Italy. The idea, (in the long run) was to end up having a guide to sneaker stores around the world. There was a true necessity of this becoming a reality – all major directories had fallen in the hands of neglect and none proved to be up to date, listing stores that have been closed for quite some time.

About two years ago, the team began to grow, and open up a little bit, meeting in sneaker events around Europe, the team struck up some very interesting connections and partnerships, leading to the incorporation of a few new heads to the project. This would prove to be a true push to achieve the goal, finally combining the right minds for an excellent project.

Now, two years later, we can finally say we… Continue Reading here :

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