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Yes people its that time of of the year again to decide the Best Drop Of 2015… all you have to do is visit : and put your nomination in voting starts in December!!!



This is what it’s all about…#TheDropOfTheYearAwards started a couple years ago as a way for the King to just see what everyone’s favourite drop was, meaning what is the Kingdoms favourite Trainer/Sneaker release of a particular year. This is a completely independent poll sponsored by no brands in anyway!! Last year I put my hands up and apologize I was supposed to do an event to decide and announce the best drop of 2014 which fell through however this year with the help of @asneakersociety a proper discussion will be held at one of their events next year… So the nominations start tomorrow (time TBA) and when the website is live all you have to do is insert your favourite release of 2015 that is it very straight and simple no fuss at all, as 2015 isn’t up yet some wild cards that drop in December will also be added for the Kingdom to vote on… Also the King has a special prize for one special person who nominates which will be picked at random (Details coming soon..) so watch out for the Kings posts and get ready to nominate your favourite Sneaker of 2015!! Last year we had over 300 different nominations so this year we aiming for 500 lets go!!!#TheDropOfTheYearAwards 2015

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