Sneakers: The Complete App Designed and developed by U-Dox

Hey Guys the King is back!!! We had a few technicals but I’m back blogging!! And Back with something I know the Kingdom gonna love. So the good guys Udox are back with another Edition to their Sneakers : The Complete Guide Series in the form of an App and boy what an App this is can you imagine 10 years of Sneaker news packed in one App??…



Now I can’t lie I had the privilege of trying this out over 6 months ago and boy this is a must have for every Sneaker head its even got a 360 degree video interactive view of the Original Sneaker Artist Dave White’s Art Studio…

Sneakers: The Complete App for iPad, only available on the App Store. Built upon a compilation of two Thames & Hudson publications, Sneakers: The Complete App is an encyclopaedic guide to sneaker culture, and includes:


  • Over 500 sneakers
  • 360°rotations of ever sneaker
  • High resolution display images
  • 18 leading sportswear brands including adidas, Nike and New Balance
  • References sneaker collaborators such as Kanye West and Pharrell
  • 100% filterable content
  • Timeline view
  • An informative, interactive look at the anatomy of a sneakerAn interactive view of an artist’s studio
  • An informative, interactive look at the anatomy of a sneakerstudioimage-4


The wealth of content makes this app an indispensable reference for those obsessed by urban style, sport and design. Its dynamic content and versatile display provides a totally immersive experience that will have sneaker fanatics hooked for hours.




Sneakers: The Complete App is available for £4.99 (£2.99 for the first two weeks) on the App Store. To download Click here :



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