Introducing the Suede S – The latest addition to PUMA’s Suede family.

Released in 1968, the curved shape broke barriers in manufacturing saying no to usually typical leathers and making it down a game-changer in the . It shortly cemented itself together with the rise of road music as an ethnic road icon and also the early 90’s found the Suede quickly becoming the footwear option of many subcultures from skateboarders. 2015 will find the launch of the Suede family’s latest member – The Suede S.

The thought process supporting the Suede S’s design was to visualize the Suede had been designed for the 1st time. The raised rubber PUMA emblem on the cushioned tongue along with technical characteristics including toe protection and additional heel actually make the Suede S stand apart as its own shape.

Suade S 1 suade s 4 Suade S 2 suade s 3



The PUMA Suede S is being launch at JD Sports only on January 30th

RRP: GBP55.00

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