I Just Talk A lot Of Sh!t But I Did The Numbers – @KanyeWest #FACTS

Good Morning Kingdom – Hope your 2016 is prosperous… So this week all these other Media outlets and websites/Instagram pages were compiling a list about this or that, giving you their kool thoughts their opinion from stand point of what they think? But most of the lists where not factual until the illustrator extraordinaire @Kickposters did an amazing info graphic of the most “Liked” brands on @Instagram showing that @Adidas / @AdidasOriginals was the most liked this year based on total number of likes for 2015!
So one of my friends asked me a while ago what is the most popular / “Liked” Sneakernews Page in the UK on Instagram I said that would be interesting to find out so a couple days ago I began to research and break down the #Facts for myself but also for the brands and here are the results in the info graphic above designed by @Kickposters ?????? and the exact numbers are below…


Top 5 Most “Liked” Sneakernews Blogs on Instagram* in 2015.

1. – @KingOfTrainers = 2,441,381 likes over 3,000 posts in 2015
2. – @SneakerheadUK = 1,884,816 likes over 2,016 posts in 2015
3. – @TheDropDate = 1,780,140 likes over 1,562 posts in 2015
4. – @TheWordOnTheFeet = 807,119 likes over 3,372 posts in 2015
5. – @Crepsource = 672,343 likes Over 856 posts in 2015 *The Criteria was each blog had to have a website that covered Sneakernews and/or release dates.

Data: 2015bestnine.com


Like #KanyeWest said in his track Facts, take the information as you will and the King is not getting at any of the other blogs, the King commends them all even the ones who didn’t make the Top 5 or don’t fit the criteria yet. The King created this list mainly for the brands and PR companies to see when it comes to Sneakernews coverage in the UK there are certain entities that are working hard and by no means should be ignored. The King will leave it there and just say Thank You again Kingdom for making @KingOfTrainers The UK’s most “Liked” Sneakernews Blog for 2015 on #Instagram


Click the link in my below to hear the Kanye West #Nike Diss Track “Facts” if you haven’t already!? http://bit.ly/KanyeWestFacts

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