It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here its been almost a year. 🙁 I’ve neglected one of the reasons I started this my blogging, so just letting those of you who still check my site that I am back and I’m raring to go. I some how lost the passion for writing posts and keeping up with all the releases cause as the famous saying goes Monkey see Monkey do! Alot of people and other blogs have popped up and some have done well and some have flopped so I just took a back seat  and thought let me see who’s here next year which is today!! And I said let me get back on it and give my opinion how I used to, through the Keypad of my laptop.

So here it is Kingdom my first post of 2017… I ain’t even gonna say how great 2016 was cause you already know via my IG but I will say that 2016 taught me never get complacent and always work harder than you already have and surround yourself with people who wanna do the same. Say good bye to time wasters, and people who just want to eat off your success and really not bring anything to the table.

2016 Thank You’s

I want to say a special  thank you to a lady called Divya who approached me through an email and wanted to help me seriously with my @QueenOfTrainers Brand and in less than 3 to 4 months has taken it and moved it forward into the brand I saw it to be!! Divya the King thanks you, your passion and consistency means the world 2017 we will make BIG things happen.

I wanna say a massive thank you to my partner in Crime @TheWordOnTheFeet in 2016 this guy brought me into so many things, which he didn’t have to and has been my go to guy with content and ideas some have worked some haven’t, some y0u will see very soon. We flew around the world my friend now lets take it over.

I wanna say a very very special thank you to all the supporters and members of the Kingdom those of you who fly the Kings flag even when I am not around and all the other media outlets, bloggers, events, sneakerheads, haters just everyone I wish you nothing but peace and love from the King.

2017 @KingOfTrainers

Now with the thank you’s out the way I can tell you how I will be running my blog going forward. Its gonna be stripped down, more me, more my personal opinion on what releases coming out and the culture. I will be also getting some exclusive news on things so definitely stay tuned.

One of the 1st things I can say is I would like to invite you all to The Drop Of The Year Awards Event on Friday The 13th Of January 2017, at

Relentless No. 5

5 Denmark Street





All you have to do is register for free here:>>>

Hope to see you all there and heres to 2017.

Peace The King.

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